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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy policy

    TAS CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), which is the travel company and will treat the customers important personal information, establish and execute the privacy policy of personal information protections for the purpose that clients trust company by keeping all employees recognize the importance of personal information acquired and handling them properly.

    The Company will establish the purpose of use of personal information acquired, and use within the range of the purpose. Company never use them outside the range of the purpose of use and also take measures not to perform the purpose outside use.
    Company will train employees thoroughly and dispose the personal information properly after the end of purpose of use.

    Company will endeavor to prevent the disclosure, loss or damage of personal information by taking necessary and appropriate safety measures.

    Company will establish “Personal Information Consultation” and correspond properly the claims and consultation from the persons whose personal information company has.

    The Company will l comply with laws, regulations, guidelines and other rules regarding the handling of personal information the country set.

    The Company will establish a personal information protection management system,
    and we will do continually review improvement.

    November 1, 2014
    TAS CO., LTD
    Managing Director
    Masao Hirase

    Policy on Personal Information Protection

    In accordance with the "Privacy Policy”, TAS Co.,Ltd (Referred to as “Company” hereinafter) treats name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, address, telephone number, e-mail address and personal information such as gender of acquired customers as follows.

    Please note that you would not utilize our services unless you offered your personal information, though whether it is optional to offer them to us or not.

    1. Purpose of usage.
    Company use the personal information acquired for the purposes below.

    (1). Proceeding of travel contract with you.
    (2). Contacting with you.
    (3). Proceeding your transportations and accommodations regarding your trip that you had sign up.
    (4). Proceeding of insurances to ensure the responsibility of the Company's travel contract at the time of accident expenses.
    (5). Arranging and receiving trip and other services you had sign up.
    (6) Guidance for trip services and campaign.
    (7) Creating statistical data.

    2. Safety control measures of personal information.
    Company has effort the protection of disclosure, loss and damage of personal information, and conduct education for employees regularly.

    3. Offering personal information to third parties.
    Company offer your personal information such as name, nationality, date of birth, passport number and so on) to carriers and accommodations by fax or e-mail within the range of necessary to achieve the purpose of usage such as services arrangements that you had sign up.

    4. Disclosure, correction, suspension of personal information.
    You can claim notification and disclosure of purposes use of your personal information that company held. You can claim to correct, add, delete them and, stop prevision to third party in case there are errors in contents.
    Company would claim prescribed fee to you when you claim the notification and disclosure the purposes of use to company. Please contact the “Personal Information Consultation Service” below.

    5. Matters related to personal information subject to disclosure.

    (1) Company name : TAS Co.,Ltd.
    (2) Personal information protection administrator : Director of business planning
    Contact: Personal information consultation (which is written below).
    (3)The use purpose of all personal information subject to disclosure.
    Employee information : For labor management.
    Applicant informations : For recruiting.
    Cusotmer/Vendor informations : For business contact.
    (4) Offer destination of complaints about personal information subject to disclosure.
    “Personal Information Consultation Service"
    (5) Disclosure of proceedings
    It described in “ 4. For disclosure, correction, suspension of use of personal informations"

    6. Our website, which you can access from different countries all over the world, applies the law of Japan with respect to your use of our website.

    [Privacy Policy Information Helpline/Personal information consultation Service]
    TAS Co.,Ltd
    TEL: +81-3-5565-5850
    Business hour: 10:00-18:00(Mon-Fri)