TAS Tokyo Asean Service

Specialist in Japan Inbound travel


“I had a great time in Japan”
“I want to come back to Japan again!”
“This was the best trip in my life”
Please continue to make fantastic memories for travelers to Japan.

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo…
If you are bringing you friends from overseas, where do you intend to go?
Is there somewhere that you absolutely can’t miss?

Our mission at TAS is “To deliver the best travel services to all travelers to Japan.”
We always keep this mission close to our heats, and as a result, have been chosen by over a million people worldwide.

35 years of experience in Japan inbound tours

TAS (Tokyo Asean Services) has been operating inbound tours since 1979.
As such we are one of the oldest companies in the inbound tourism industry.
Our MD (Managing Director) is the same as TAS, at 35 years old!
The TAS team’s average as is late 20’s and many younger members in their 20’s taking on important roles within the company.
Our team is multicultural, with employees from all around the world.

Not like other Japanese companies, regardless of age, we will let you handle important projects and roles as long as you are motivated!

We are looking for people who would like to challenge and advance this industry with us!