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When was the last time you had an adventure!?

As time slowly, inevitably tics by and you sit in your office looking longingly out the window, you have to ask yourself, ‘When was the last time I had an adventure?’


When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone and experienced something new, inspiring and exciting!?


That’s where I come in! My name is Tom Lewis. I’m Australian, 23 years old and I work at TAS as a tour guide. I personally have always had an addiction to traveling. Despite my age, I have visited most continents and seen a variety of cultures. Since I started working as a TAS tour guide, I have been given the opportunity to quench my thirst for adventure and travel to all corners of Japan.
So for those of you out there that share my spirit of adventure I have some good news. I am going to post blogs and photos about where I have been with my tours in the hope that it will give you, the ‘future adventurer’, an insight into what a tour with TAS is like.
I look forward to taking you on my virtual tour around Japan, and hope to see you soon on one of my REAL tours!


Regards your very own virtual tour guide