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T.K from Australia

We have a lovely holiday/tour in Japan. We really love it.

We are so lucky that the weather is fine, not too hot not too cold, only a
bit of rain towards the end of the tour when we are on the Miyajima Island
in Hiroshima. The beautiful cherry blossom, starting form Tokyo when we
landed, all the way till Osaka where we left for Australia. It is such a
wonderful experience. Then these Japanese gardens, historical castles &
various temples, makes it such a memorable tour.

Food is beautiful. Thanks to our tour guide Mr. Phillip Tan, he put in a lot
of efforts to arrange various type of Japanese food for us to try, not just
standard hot pot & shabu shabu, but different cooking styles like tempura,
teppanyaki, grilled etc with various sea food, meat, oyster on alternate
meals and so on. He is so good.

He also go out of the way to arrange or re-arrange our tour program to suit
the weather, locality etc and not just blindly following the standard tour
program. His rich knowledge of Japanese culture & history makes him one of
the best tour guide we have come across. He is just fantastic. He is the man
you want for the Japanese tour.

Please thank him for us when you next speak to him & give him our regards.